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Paul Prabhaker

Dr. Prabhaker joined the NIU College of Business in 2007 and currently serves as associate dean. Prior to his current assignment, Dr. Prabhaker was the dean of a business school in the University of North Carolina system and for several years, the associate dean at the Illinois Institute of Technology's Stuart School of Business. He has taught courses in Business/Marketing Strategy, Marketing Research, Marketing Management and Technology Commercialization primarily for graduate and corporate/executive students. Dr. Prabhaker is well known for his contributions to the broad are of technology-enabled business strategy. His research has been published in the fields of Marketing Strategy driven by Manufacturing Technologies; Information Integrity enabled Business Strategies; Call-Center Technology enabled Marketing Strategy; e-Business Strategy and Value-based marketing. He has also presented his research in numerous academic conferences in the US and in several European and Asian countries. Dr. Prabhaker earned a PhD in Business Administration and a Master's degree in Quantitative Methods from the Graduate School of Management, University of Rochester. He also holds an MBA and an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering.


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