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Experiential Learning Center

Projects ~ 2001


Caterpillar in DeKalb has been producing Challenger agricultural tractors for the last eight years. Some of the problems faced by Caterpillar pertained to managing their inventory of small components. Five Northern Illinois University students from the Business Information Technology Transfer Center got together with Caterpillar with the help of Dr. Jack Marchewka and Dr. Charles Petersen to analyze and improve their current inventory management process. The project focused on understanding the current system and its problems. The team then recommended possible solutions for improvement by giving a final presentation and report to Caterpillar.

BITTC Knowledge Management System

The project was designed by BITTC to address the lack of standardization in the project process and the lack of communication, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing tools between teams and among team members. The project included:

  • BITTC Methodology Formalization
  • Analysis of Knowledge Management System
  • Basic design of Knowledge Management System
  • Installation and evaluation of Lotus Notes
  • Recommendation for future continuation of Knowledge Management System projects

Rockford GIS Project

The goal of MTD is to make the Mid Town District a safe, interesting, and desirable place to work, live, and operate a business. The BITTC team was used to update their current GIS database which would assist in trending and forecasting, and in justifying its development and marketing plans.

OMIS Extranet II

Extranet 2 was formed to continue the development of Extranet Web site for Operations Management Information Systems (OM&IS) Department under College of Business at Northern Illinois University.

OMIS Extranet

Previously, the OM&IS department published a web environment that provided materials for students, prospective students, prospective faculty, and outside business partners. Materials within the site were in need of updating and navigation through the site needed improvement. The BITTC OMIS Extranet team was formed to develop a new departmental environment using current technology to facilitate communication among its users and promote online collaboration with class groups and project teams.

John Deere

John Deere partnered with the Business Information Technology Center (BITTC) at Northern Illinois University to explore Electronic Marketplaces, in particular, the electronic procurement of direct materials. The Spring semester project involved taking the Reverse Auction model and further research and develop the model into a proof of concept. eXtensible Markup Language (XML) technology was selected as a technology to be utilized in the process. XML enables the definition, transmission, validation, and interpretation of data between applications and between organization.

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