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Experiential Learning Center

Projects ~ 2002

BITTC Collaboration and Knowledge Management Project III

Using MS Exchange, Share Point, and Outlook, a team of students continued development of the knowledge management system to support knowledge sharing, communication, and collaboration for BITTC project teams. This included implementing video conferencing and instant messaging capabilities.

NIU Police Department Project II

In the Spring of 2002, a team of students worked closely with NIU's Police department to develop an IT-based strategic plan define how the NIUPD can become the premier police department in the 21st century. The previous team identified several IT projects and the fall 2002 project team implemented one of these projects.

Rockford GIS II

In a partnership with the NIU/COB's Business Geographics Center, a team of students worked with the Rockford Midtown District to develop a geographical information system (GIS) to support the revitalization of this area.

Ernst and Young Security Project

The team of students tested and audited the current physical, computer, and wireless network security of the BITTC in order to develop a set of policies and procedures. The team worked closely with Ernst & Young's STS group to learn about Windows 2000 Server and wireless network security.

College of Visual and Performing Arts Project

The CVPA proposed the initiation of the Project for the Advancement of Learning in the Arts (PALA). PALA involved the creation of an online student/teacher evaluation application specific to the various modes of instructional delivery that are standard practice in the arts disciplines. The intention of PALA was to provide rich statistical data for both formative and summative use in faculty evaluation of teaching in these disciplines.

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