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College Council Committee

The duties of the College Council Committee are as follows:

  • To act in an advisory capacity to the dean of the college on policy with respect to academic activities of the college; 
  • To serve as the college personnel committee and advise the dean of the college concerning salaries, promotions, tenure, and sabbatical leaves; 
  • To make recommendations to the University Council concerning the policies of the college and the university;
  • To select the college council's representatives from that college to the University Council Personnel Committee. Each such appointee must not be a department chair nor a member of a department one of whose members is already serving on that committee;
  • To exercise all of the functions assigned to the college personnel committee by these bylaws.
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Committee Members

The college council shall consist of tenured faculty of the college. There shall be a minimum of one member from each department elected by and from the faculty of that department. Additional eligibility criteria shall be determined by the faculty of the college. The dean of the college shall serve as chair and shall be responsible for preparing an agenda for council approval.