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College Senate Committee

The duties of the College Senate Committee are as follows:

  • The College Senate shall consider and review administrative matters of the college and advise the dean of the college on such matters.
  • The College Senate shall assist the dean in the preparation of policy statements used to guide and operate the College of Business.
  • The members of the College Senate will advise the dean in the allocation of physical and human resources to support college-wide alliances and continuing professional education activities.
  • The members of the college Senate are ex-officio members of the Board of Executive Advisors as structured in Article II Part C of the Board bylaws. Two chairs will be appointed by the dean as members of the Steering Group.
  • The members of the College Senate assist the dean in setting and maintaining the direction of the college in accordance with the strategic plan and the recommendations of the Strategic Planning Council. The members of the College Senate have a communications responsibility to internal and external stakeholders.

Committee Members

  1. The College Senate shall consist of the department chairs of the college, the dean of the college, the associate dean of the college, and the director of graduate studies of the college. The dean shall identify appropriate personnel to attend specific Senate meetings as the agenda warrants.
  2. The dean's secretary will serve as secretary to the College Senate.
  3. In the absence of the dean, the dean will appoint a member to chair the committee.
  4. All members of the College Senate participate in the decision-making process.

Denise SchoenbachlerDean
Beth TowellAssociate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Paul PrabhakerAssociate Dean for Graduate Programs
Daniel WunschAssociate Dean for Administration
Jim YoungChair, Accountancy
Dennis DeanChair, Finance
Sarah MarshChair, Management
Geoffrey GordonChair, Marketing
Chang LiuChair, OM & IS