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Finance Department

Checklist for Finance Juniors

  • Make sure your major is declared EARLY while in UBUS 310.
    Declared majors have first priority in course registration. Changing your major at the end of a semester (after registration has begun), may prevent you from getting your courses and graduating on time.
  • Meet with the upper-level Finance Advisor.
    As you begin UBUS 310 and other upper-level business courses, your advising office will change from Undergraduate Studies to the Department of Finance. The upper-level finance advisor is Christy Cunningham. Christy is located in Barsema Hall 236A and can be contacted at 1(815) 753-1114 or ccunningham@niu.edu.
  • Submit a Transcript Review Form to the Department of Finance.
    To enroll in FINA 330, 340, 350, and 395, your second semester junior year, you must submit a Transcript Review Form to the Finance Department during the semester you are enrolled in UBUS 310. An announcement will be made in UBUS 310 regarding the form, please be aware of the application deadline.
  • Gain finance-related experience through internships.
    HOW?? Register on Huskies Get Hired, NIU's on-line job search database. Complete your profile, upload your resume, and explore the site. Make sure you receive Email Group messages from Finance Advisor. See Finance Internships Talk with your family and friends- this is your network!!
  • Get involved - here are a few good opportunities:
    Financial Management Association (FMA)
    FUTURE Program
  • Apply for scholarships.
    HOW?? Applications for departmental scholarships are available in the Finance Department at the beginning of each spring semester. You may also want to check out the following NIU scholarship sites: www.scholarships.niu.edu/scholarshipfinder/
  • Review your Academic Requirements Report each semester.
    Remember that YOU are responsible for your graduation requirements. Find a discrepancy on your report? Contact Registration & Records our advisor as soon as possible.
  • Update your Huskies Get Hired account.
    You'll be using Huskies Get Hired for your full-time job search SOON. Be sure to keep your profile, your resume, etc. up-to-date!