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Finance Department

Chartered Financial Analyst (C.F.A.)

The C.F.A. designation is recognized internationally as a sign of integrity and professional excellence in the field of investment management. To be awarded the charter, candidates must pass a sequence of three rigorous exams, satisfy work experience requirements, and demonstrate a high level of personal and professional conduct.

NIU graduates are eligible to sit for the first of the three examinations. Seniors should consider taking FINA 440, FINA 455, and FINA 460 as electives, as well as, participating in the Student Managed Portfolio (FINA 445 and 446). These courses will help prepare students for a significant portion of the C.F.A. Level I Examination.

Certified Treasury Professional (C.T.P.)

The C.T.P. credential, formerly the Certified Cash Manager (C.C.M.), is widely regarded by treasury and finance professionals as one of the leading credentials in the field of corporate finance and treasury operations. It demonstrates a high standard of professionalism and a commitment to performance.

NIU students who complete FINA 430 and receive approval from Instructor Norman Goldstein may sit for the C.T.P. certification exam. Successful candidates will earn the Certified Treasury Professional Associate designation (C.T.P.A.). After working full-time for a minimum of two years in finance/treasury/accounting and earning continuing education credits, they will be eligible to transition to the prestigious CTP credential. For information regarding the C.T.P. Examination, go to www.afponline.org/.