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Student Managed Portfolio (SMP)

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Student Managed Portfolio

The Student Managed Portfolio of Northern Illinois University was established as a means for Finance students who are interested in the area of investments and portfolio management to gain real world experience. This goal is obtained by allowing the students to build a portfolio of equity investments, using real money. The class has up to 12 members each semester. The students meet weekly to discuss stock buy/sell recommendations which are based on individual benchmarking projects consisting of firms in similar industries as well as S.W.O.T. analysis. Other discussions include portfolio performance, and current news pertaining to stocks and the equity markets.

Contributors to Portfolio

Prospective Students

If you are currently in the Finance Core (FINA 330, FINA 340, FINA 350, and FINA 395) and are interested in the Student Managed Portfolio class, please stop by the Finance Department and pick up an application. The Student Managed Portfolio has been a great experience for many students. Here is what past alumni have said about the class:

"I think the Student Managed Portfolio was the single most important asset on my resume coming out of NIU. It was always the first and most talked about topic in all of my interviews and was probably the deciding factor for my job today."

~ Todd Byers, Research Analyst, Claymore Securities

"The SMP offers students a unique hands-on opportunity in which the fundamentals of asset valuation and portfolio management learned in FINA 340 and FINA 440 are applied to a real investment fund. Being an analyst for the SMP was one of the most valuable experiences of my education at NIU. If you are a student considering a career in Investments, I highly recommend this class."

~ Sarah Galpin, Municipal Bond Trading Associate, BondWave, LLC, First Trust Portfolios

"I feel that my experience with the Student Managed Portfolio helped me develop a strong understanding of how to perform fundamental and relative valuation on equity investments. I still use many of the same approaches I learned with the group in my own personal portfolio today."

~ Jeremy Netzel, Financial Analyst, Motorola, Inc.