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Student Managed Portfolio (SMP)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are courses are required to participate in the student managed portfolio?
    You must successfully complete the Finance core (FINA 330, 340, 350). Keep in mind that although your performance in all classes is taken into consideration, performance in FINA 340 is weighted more heavily.

  • How do I become part of the student managed portfolio class?
    You will need to fill out an application form. Stop in the Finance department to pick one up.

  • How often does the class meet?
    The class meets twice a week, but you are also expected to meet with your partner(s) outside of class.

  • How much work will I have to do?
    It varies from week to week, but plan on spending your time doing research, working on projects, and assisting on submitting updated portfolio holdings to the SMP webpage.

  • What types of investments does the student managed portfolio make?
    We are allowed to invest in large-cap equities (over $1 billion) and equity mutual funds.

  • How much money does the student managed portfolio manage?
    The Student Managed Portfolio currently holds over $300,000 worth of stocks and at times various amount of cash.