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Finance Department

Student Organizations

Student organizations provide valuable opportunities for the development of leadership skills, professional knowledge, and lasting friendships. At least one faculty adviser is assigned to each of the organizations, but student officers are responsible for the staffing and development of the programs for their individual organization.

Financial Management Association

The Financial Management Association is a student chapter of a nationally based organization. The mission of the FMA is to assist finance students in making the transition from students to professionals. The objectives of the organization are to ensure that all finance students obtain valuable career information, develop professional insights and attitudes, gain experience in problem solving and decision making, increase professional and faculty contacts, improve social and interpersonal skills, and demonstrate competence in skill areas beyond those needed to obtain a college degree. These objectives are met by encouraging social interaction between students, faculty, and businesses. Professional speakers, raising money for FMA, and community service are just a few activities available to the members of FMA.

The Investment Association

The Investment Association is a student organization founded by three enterprising NIU finance students in 2009. The organization's main objective is help members learn about investing through group discussion, presentations, and market simulations. Weekly evening meetings center on current event discussions, stock of the week and focused topic analyses, student presentations, and a semester-long portfolio competition.

Other College/University Organizations