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An Internship in Finance is a professional business experience that may lead to great opportunities. An internship may result in full-time employment after graduation with the intern employer; it may provide the intern with a valuable experience making him/her more marketable to future employers; and it may allow the intern to "test drive" a specific career path (e.g. stock broker) -- do I really want to do this long term?

The internship program runs year-round. Summer positions are generally full-time, whereas most fall and spring positions are part-time. While many of the internships are compensated, few are not. And although some positions are not compensated, they may still offer a valuable experience. Be open-minded about compensation. Remember WHY you are interning -- FOR THE EXPERIENCE!

Obtaining a Finance Internship

  • Register and search for internships on Victor eRecruiting. Get to know the Career Services counselors. Brian Pillsbury and Carol Gorman are the finance contacts in Career Services. They are located in the Campus Life Building, Room 220. Attend the Internship Fairs.
  • Make sure that you are part of the Finance Email Group to receive up-to-date announcements from the Finance Department and the College of Business. To ensure that the College has your current email address go to www.cob.niu.edu/mailinglists. Contact Ms. Kloster, the Finance Academic Advisor & Internship Coordinator, in Barsema Hall 236E.
  • Pursue contacts received through family and friends that may lead to an internship opportunity.

In obtaining an internship, you must also determine whether you wish to pursue college credit for the internship experience. See Ms. Kloster for further advisement.

Receiving Credit for an Internship

  1. You must be a declared finance major and retained in the upper-level program.
  2. Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of the FINA core (FINA 330, FINA 340, FINA 350), ACCY 306, FINA 395, and consent of department.
  3. Regardless of the source leading to an internship, Ms. Kloster must approve it for credit. If the position was not originated by the Finance Department, the employer must submit an "Employer Information Form" for position approval. This form is available from Ms. Kloster, BH 236.
  4. You must submit a "Student Application for Finance Internship Credit" and a copy of your employment confirmation letter (on company letterhead) to Ms. Kloster.
  5. When Ms. Kloster has approved an internship for FINA 458 credit, she will enroll you in the course for three (3) credit hours. Enrollment in FINA 458, Internship in Finance, means that you will pay tuition and fees for the hours enrolled. Also, the following requirements must be met:
    • You will be required to submit a daily log of your activities to Ms. Kloster every two weeks that you are employed, (this is for your benefit as well -- it is often difficult to remember everything you do).
    • At the end of the internship, you will be required to submit a five to eight page typed paper. The topic of your paper will be included in your internship letter sent to you by Ms. Kloster once you're enrolled in FINA 458.
    • Towards the end of your internship, an evaluation will be sent to your immediate supervisor to be completed and returned to Ms. Kloster.