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MAS (Leadership) Handbook

MAS (Leadership) Advising

The program integrates professional accounting knowledge with the specific leadership development skills and competencies needed to be successful in a variety of career paths. The program includes two leadership courses combined with assessment tools and other required workshop activities outside the classroom.

The Department tried to create flexibility in our programs by providing financial reporting and assurance, managerial accounting systems, and taxation tracks in our program. These tracks are reflective of career-related tracks in the accountancy profession. We also provide some flexibility for the accounting and business electives that you will take.

You should first determine which track you want to pursue. If you do not want to pursue one of the specialized tracks, you should meet with your advisor who will help you design a program that meets the general requirements for the degree.

Regardless of your track, if you plan to take the CPA exam, we recommend that you take MGMT 512 (business law) as one of your business electives. If you have questions about which other courses to take to prepare for the CPA exam, please contact Kelsey Johnson.

Please be aware that accountancy courses offered in the summer may begin the week after spring semester ends.

For additional information, please check on Phase I or Phase II Schedules.