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MAS (Leadership) Handbook

Degree Audit Report

Students may review their graduation requirement progress on MyNIU. See My Student Center -

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  • View My Advisement Report
  • Report Type: Graduate Audit

Please carefully review your graduate audit for accuracy. It is your responsibility to contact your advisor with questions regarding discrepancies that appear in this report.

The Graduate School will send you an e-mail concerning your graduation status before your last semester of your declared graduation date. This e-mail will have the following message: Please review your degree audit and the list below and then contact your advisor if any items have been checked.

Please note the following before contacting your advisor.

  • All three tracks show on the audit. You will need to look for the track that you are completing. Once one track is completed, the other tracks will disappear.
  • The status of completing required professional development activities will remain "False" until the end of your graduation term. All leadership milestones must be completed before this item will be change to "True".
  • Business Phase One Complete and ACCY Phase One Complete will indicate a status of "False" until a milestone is manually entered. The milestone may be entered at two different times during a semester. After a successful grade is earned at the end of the semester and/or after the ten day drop period at the beginning of a semester.
  • The required number of hours for a degree is always checked. This does not mean you need additional hours. It means you are enrolled in courses for your degree or have not yet enrolled for the final semester.