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MAS (Leadership) Handbook


A student who intends to graduate at the end of a specific term must apply for graduation through MyNIU by the graduation-application deadline. The following deadlines are final and no exceptions are made by the Graduate School.

  • August (Summer) Graduation ~ early April deadline
  • December (Fall) Graduation ~ early September deadline
  • May (Spring) Graduation ~ mid January deadline

The Application for graduation is on MyNIU: Navigate to Student Center>Academics> Apply for Graduation. A $35.00 graduation fee will automatically be billed to your student account.


NIU offers two Graduate School Commencement Ceremonies: May and December. August candidates will automatically be invited to the December ceremony. August candidates who wish to participate in the May commencement ceremony must apply for August graduation by early February on MyNIU. August candidates who attend May graduation will have their name printed in the Commencement Bulletin.

August graduation candidates, who wish to walk in the May ceremony, must write or e-mail the Office Support Specialist for the Graduate School Dean (dwilliams16@niu.edu) with the following information by early February.

  • Full Name
  • Z-ID
  • Address
  • Degree Being Earned - Master of Accounting Science, College of Business

Letter of Completion

If you missed the deadline to apply for graduation, but meet the MAS (Leadership) graduation requirements, you may obtain a letter of completion from the Graduate School, Adams Hall second floor. In addition you will want to apply for the next graduation term. The Graduation Deferment (PDF) form must be completed three months prior to the next commencement date and be submitted to Graduate School.

Job Placement / Assessment

The Accountancy Department has a long history of offering a nationally ranked program. We continually assess the quality of our program and your feedback is a valuable part of this process. You will periodically receive surveys from NIU and/or the Department. The Department hopes you will complete and return them to us. This is an easy way to continue to support the NIU Accountancy program.

Information received from our graduates is summarized and reviewed to improve curriculum, teaching, and student environment; and is an important part of NIU and the College of Business accreditation process. It is important that the Department attains information about your initial permanent job placement upon graduation, as this collectively summarized data is required for accreditation. We never release personal information from any individual. If upon graduation, you have not completed a job placement survey, please email Kelsey Johnson with this important information.