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MAS (Leadership) Handbook

Learning Goals & Objectives

The NIU Master of Accounting Science program provides advanced study in accounting to prepare students for the challenges of the professional practice of accountancy.

  1. Our graduates will be technically proficient accounting and business professionals.
    Our students will demonstrate a thorough understanding of:
    • technical accounting knowledge appropriate to their chosen programs of study.
    • the integration of accounting and business knowledge in a variety of contexts, including financial statement analysis and business valuation.
  2. Our graduates will be prepared to assume leadership roles as accounting professionals.
    Our students will demonstrate:
    • an understanding of leadership development theory.
    • the ability to solve problems in an environment of uncertainty or ambiguity.
    • an understanding of how to solve problems with a leadership perspective.
    • effective team management skills.
  3. Our graduates will be effective researchers.
    Our students will conduct research to develop effective solutions to accounting and business problems, relying on appropriate technology tools, authoritative pronouncements, and data sources.

  4. Our graduates will be effective communicators.
    Our students will:
    • communicate in a professional manner.
    • demonstrate effective teamwork skills.
    • exhibit professional business conduct.
    • demonstrate effective facilitation skills.
  5. Our graduates will be ethical accounting professionals.
    Our students will identify ethical issues, decision alternatives, consequences, and workable alternative solutions by applying relevant professional standards and codes of conduct.