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MAS (Leadership) Handbook

Permanent Job Placement

Companies and firms come to campus in late September to interview students for permanent job placement. Companies/firms are seeking students who will graduate by the end of the fall term or the next spring or summer term. In general, you should begin interviewing six to twelve months before graduation. Career Services coordinates the distribution of resumes and scheduling of interviews through the Huskies Get Hired online system. Students must complete the online e-recruiting orientation very early in the fall in order to be added to this system. Once your Huskies Get Hired account is activated, you will receive emails from Career Services regarding the campus recruiting process, including specific companies/firms recruiting. You will complete a profile and upload your resume through this system to indicate you are applying for a position. It is also highly recommended that you attend the Fall Accountancy Career Fair. The majority of job placement takes place in the fall, generally one year in advance of graduation, so plan your job search accordingly.

Career Services staff members are available to you on a walk-in basis or by appointment through the summer and the school year. They can help you identify appropriate employers, discuss appropriate job-search strategies, and assist you in objectively considering job offers (benefits, compensation, career paths, etc.). Additionally, they can review your resume and conduct mock interviews. Any questions concerning these job search services should be referred to Career Services at 753-7170.

Career Services Huskies Get Hired system also lists job openings for NIU alumni who have work experience. Once you graduate, you can always look for new job opportunities through the Huskies Get Hired system.

Fall 2014 Accountancy Career Fair is September 25 at the Barsema Alumni & Visitors Center Companies and firms who hire Northern Illinois University Accountancy graduates come to campus in September to speak to junior, senior, and MAS accountancy majors about their company/firm. Accountancy majors should attend this event to learn about different career opportunities, find leads to accountancy careers, and to hand out resumes if graduating within one year. Even though you may handout resumes at this event, you must still activate your Huskies Get Hired account to interview on-campus with these companies. All companies schedule interviews through this system. Accountancy students must attend the Mandatory Recruiting Information meeting in September to be eligible to attend this event. Additional information regarding the mandatory meeting will be distributed to students via their NIU email account.