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MAS (Leadership) Handbook

Phase I Scheduling

If you are an MAS (Leadership) student who has Phase I business and/or accountancy requirements to complete, please contact Kelsey Johnson, MAS Advisor, for additional information.

Exemption exams are available for some Phase I courses. If you are interested in taking Phase I business exemption exams, please contact the Office of Testing, Adams Hall 118, 815-753-1203. You only get one attempt to pass an exemption exam for a given Phase I course.

The following accountancy exemption exams are available.

  • ACCY 520 Intermediate Cost Management
  • ACCY 560 Assurance Services
  • ACCY 531 Financial Reporting I
  • ACCY 532 Financial Reporting II

Please contact Dr. John Simon, Director of Graduate Financial Assistance, for further details and scheduling of the accountancy exemption exams. The passing of an exemption exam is not indicated on the transcript and college credit is not earned.

Additional Notes:

The following Phase I business courses may be completed at a community college:

NIU Course Requirement NIU Undergraduate Equivalent
ACCY 505 ACCY 206
ACCY 207 ACCY 207
FINA 500 ECON 260
ECON 261
MGMT 511 MGMT 217
MATH 210 MATH 210
OMIS 524 UBUS 223

Please send official transcripts to the Graduate School after completion.

The Accountancy Phase I requirements are met with a grade of C or better in corresponding undergraduate courses, or the student has passed the first and only attempt of the Phase I exemption examination. A student enrolled in Phase I courses may take Phase II courses at the discretion of the graduate advisor provided the student has successfully completed all prerequisites for the Phase II courses and has maintained a 3.00 GPA in Phase I courses. However, any student who has not completed all Phase I courses must maintain a 3.00 GPA or above in all Phase I accountancy courses in order to register for any Phase II course. None of the required Phase I accountancy courses may be counted as accountancy electives in Phase II. Phase I GPA does not count towards the graduation requirement of a minimum 3.00 GPA in the final 30 hours of Phase II graduate courses.