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MAS (Leadership) Handbook

Phase II Scheduling

The schedules to the right are to be used by students who have no Phase I course deficiencies. Once you have selected a track, it is important that you follow the course sequence that is indicated in the box on the right. You may find other courses than those recommended which may be more convenient for your personal schedule. However, if you deviate from the recommended schedule, the courses you delayed may not be available for you in the future, which could postpone your graduation. Not all courses are offered each semester. Please note that summer accountancy courses begin the week after spring semester ends.

Please note that some of the credit hours that you take outside of accounting in business-related courses can be taken at our Naperville or Hoffman Estates campuses if you desire. The business courses offered at these locations are part of the MBA or MIS programs. The courses are offered one evening a week, and those of you who live in the suburbs may find these courses convenient. These courses do carry an off-campus delivery fee in addition to the regular tuition (this additional fee is currently $963 for a 3-hour course). These courses may be attractive to students having their tuition and related costs covered by employers. All accountancy courses for the MAS program are offered in DeKalb during the day time.

Also, these course schedules assume students are full-time. If you are attending part time, or are working significant hours, you should not take as many courses as indicated on these schedules. If you are in this situation, please consult with Kelsey Johnson before enrolling. She can help you select courses that are best to take earlier in your program.

Students must earn a minimum GPA of a 3.00. This average must be earned over all NIU graduate courses required in the student's program of courses (excluding Phase I deficiency courses taken for graduate credit), as well as, overall graduate work taken at NIU.

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