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MAS (Leadership) Handbook

Professional Conduct

The profession of accountancy is a career that requires one of the highest ethical standards. Your conduct and work, whether it is in the classroom or work environment, is based on honesty and professional behavior.

Please review the Student Honor Code, Ethics Handbook, and Plagiarism Guidelines. The attempt to present work as your own that you have not produced is regarded by the university as a serious offense. The plagiarism guidelines are to help you understand what plagiarism is. If you have questions concerning plagiarism, talk to the faculty member teaching your course.

Barsema Hall Pride

It is great to walk into this beautiful, professional building unlike any other on campus where classes are taught. This is a reminder that we all have a responsibility to keep our building looking this way. Click to view video from Dennis Barsema...

  • Food and beverages are allowed in the Atrium ONLY.
  • ONLY bottled water is allowed in the classrooms.
  • NO food or beverage - including bottled water - is allowed in the labs. You will be asked to leave the lab if you violate this rule.