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MBA Evening Degree Requirements

All NIU College of Business master's degree programs, including the Evening MBA, consist of two phases. Phase One (a minimum of 18 semester hours) is designed to compensate for deficiencies in undergraduate course work or experience considered to be prerequisites for the Phase Two (a minimum of 30 semester hours) graduate course work.

Phase One: Business Foundation Core - 18 semester hours

The Phase One curriculum focuses on business tools including applications in financial accounting, legal issues facing managers, economic forecasting and quantitative analysis for decision making, as well as the concepts and theories of business disciplines (financial management, general management, marketing, and operations management). Phase One requirements are included in a student's required program of courses unless:

  1. A grade of C or better has been earned in corresponding undergraduate courses;
  2. A grade of B or better has been earned in equivalent graduate courses elsewhere; or
  3. A "Pass" has been achieved on the first and only attempt of the Phase One exemption examinations. You may attempt an exemption exam only once for a given Phase One course.

Phase One waivers/deficiencies are determined by transcript evaluation. For the program application, the university requires baccalaureate (and any higher degree) transcript(s) only. However, if course work is completed at schools other than one(s) from which the degree(s) is received and these classes may be considered to waive a Phase One requirement, please submit any such transcripts for review.

Phase One: Business Foundation Core NIU Undergraduate Equivalent Term
ACCY 505 Financial Accounting Concepts ACCY 206 or ACCY 288 (2 hrs) FA, SP, SU
FINA 500 Survey of Business Economics ECON 260 and ECON 261 (2 hrs) SP
FINA 505 Fundamentals of Financial Management FINA 320 or UBUS 310/311 (2 hrs) FA, SP, SU
MGMT 505 Principles of Management MGMT 333 or UBUS 310/311 (2 hrs) FA, SP, SU
MGMT 511 Legal Aspects of Business MGMT 217 (2 hrs) SP
MKTG 505 Graduate Survey of Marketing MKTG 310 or UBUS 310/311 (2 hrs) FA, SP, SU
OMIS 505 Principles of Operations Management OMIS 338 or UBUS 310/311 (2 hrs) FA, SP, SU
OMIS 507 Business Information Systems OMIS 351 or ACCY 310 (2 hrs) FA, SP, SU
OMIS 524 Business Statistics UBUS 223 (2 hrs) SP, SU

Please note: Phase One courses may not be used as Phase Two electives; credit earned in Phase One will not count toward the 30 or 31 semester hour degree requirement in Phase Two.

  • The pre-program prerequisite of finite mathematics or a first course in calculus should be completed prior to entering a graduate program in business.
  • The M.A.S and M.S. M.I.S. programs have additional Phase One requirements. Refer to the current Graduate Catalog or the specific department for more details.

The Phase One: Business Foundation Core must be completed prior to enrollment most of the Phase Two courses. Refer to the current Graduate Catalog course descriptions for the course-specific prerequisite requirements.

Phase Two: Business Applications Core and Electives - 30 semester hours

The Phase Two: Business Applications Core and Electives builds on the foundation through individual and group research and case study projects. Emphasis is placed on critical analysis of business problems and strategic thinking. Required courses include financial and operations analysis, strategic marketing and management policy, organizational behavior, and information system technology management.

Phase Two: Business Applications Core & Electives Course Prerequisites Term
Organizational Behavior Block:
  ~ MGMT 635 Organizational Behavior (3 hrs)
All Phase One Foundations FA, SP, SU
Information Systems Block:
  ~ ACCY 630 Managerial Accounting Concepts (3 hrs)
  ~ OMIS 640 Management of Information Systems Technology (3 hrs)
ACCY 505 and OMIS 507, respectively. May be completed at any time after prerequisites are completed. FA, SP, SU
Business Functions Block:
  ~ FINA 607 Financial Analysis (3 hrs)
  ~ MKTG 654 Marketing Management (3 hrs)
  ~ OMIS 627 Operations Analysis (3 hrs)
All Phase One Foundations Concurrent registration is not required. FA, SP, SU
Integrative Capstone Block:
  ~ MGMT 672 Strategic Management and Policy (3 hrs)
Organizational Behavior and Business Functions Blocks. Must be taken in last 9 semester hours of master's program. FA, SP, SU
MBA Electives: 3 courses Elective courses for the general MBA are available in accounting, cost management systems, finance, human resource management, international business, management information systems, marketing, operations management, and strategic management. Graduate Catalog for course specific prerequisites. FA, SP, SU

Colloquium Block: non-credit

Attendance at 3 non-credit colloquia is required and may be completed at any time in master's degree program.