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One-Year MBA

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One-Year MBA Curriculum

The academically challenging curriculum, a common core of all AACSB-accredited MBA programs, includes managerial accounting, financial and operations analysis, organizational behavior, management of information systems technology, strategic policy, and marketing management. Beyond the core curriculum, students complete three elective courses specifically selected for working professionals: negotiation course, conflict management, a global integration course with an international experience, and a capstone experience that incorporates a case competition.

Typical Schedule

 6:15 pm - Class
 8:00 pm - Refreshment Break
 8:15 pm - Class (continuation)
10:00 pm - Class ends

Classes meet Mondays & Thursdays. Each group is expected to meet at least once outside of the regularly scheduled classes.

Marketing Management. [MKTG 654, (3)]. In-depth analysis of the marketing plan of an organization. Requires several case analyses.

Operations Analysis. [OMIS 627, (3)]. Analysis of the concepts, problems, and approaches to the solution of significant operations problems. Case analysis and quantitative solutions within a global competitive environment are presented.

Management of Information Systems Technology. [OMIS 640, (3)]. Emphasis on systems technology and marketing applications of information systems and strategic decision-making as an organizational resource.

Managerial Accounting Controls. [ACCY 630, (3)]. The course focuses on the firm's internal accounting reports and controls with an emphasis on budgeting and controlling operations.

Managing Behavior in Organizations. [MGMT 635, (3)]. The course examines motivation, teamwork, conflict, leadership, and other behavioral concepts that influence individual, group, and organizational effectiveness.

Financial Analysis. [FINA 607, (3)]. A case-oriented course that builds upon the principles of finance. Requires several class presentations and written case analyses.

Strategic Management and Policy. [MGMT 672, (3)]. Capstone course focusing on issues of overall organizational goals, policies, and ethics.

Negotiation and Conflict Management. [MGMT 619, (3)]. Examination and application of negotiation techniques and strategies relevant to managerial positions with specific applications to resolving professional conflicts.

International Study in Marketing. [MKTG 601, (3)]. Students participate in a nine-day international study program. The trip is scheduled in February. The trip is structured to include a mix of company visits, government briefings, and university lectures delivered in the countries visited.

Entrepreneurship and Venture Management. [MGMT 637, (3)]. Each study group explores topics through the evaluation of a real-world business case. This capstone case competition allows students to look at decisions in a broach context and with consideration to all functional areas of business. First and second places are designated by a panel of judges.