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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a One-Year MBA Program?
The One-Year MBA allows you to complete your MBA degree in 12 months. The program includes a cohort class structure that offers a lock-step, planned curriculum in a professional setting. In other words, members of each class begin the program together and complete the degree requirements for graduation as a group. A unique aspect of the program is the collective professional experience of its participants which greatly enriches the educational environment. A team approach is used to allow for the sharing of diverse perspectives on various topics; this interaction results in a challenging, stimulating learning experience that provides for maximum return on time and resources invested.

What is different about the One-Year MBA curriculum?
The One-Year MBA curriculum addresses the functional areas of business, including accounting, finance, management, marketing, and operations. To round out the curriculum, students will address contemporary global issues and negotiations and put all their business tools to task through a live case.

The same core courses required in a traditional MBA are taught in the One-Year MBA; however, the courses are enhanced by the extensive professional experience of the participants and are uniquely structured to teach a maximum amount of course material on an accelerated timetable.

Who attends the One-Year MBA Program?
Participants must have a business undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university or an equivalent credential from a recognized international institution. For candidates with a non-business undergraduate degree and those with a business degree who have not successfully completed all of the prerequisite courses, these prerequisites must be satisfied prior to starting the One-Year MBA Program. Students must also have three years' post-undergraduate work experience.

What type of time commitment is required?
The program is structured so that you can complete your course work in just 12 months by attending classes two evenings (Monday and Thursday) each week. Added to the already heavy demands of a business career, the time involved in pursuing an MBA is considerable and requires a high level of motivation and commitment.

Who teaches in the One-Year MBA Program?
Each faculty member has been hand selected to teach in the One-Year MBA These individuals are experienced educators, researchers, and consultants who understand the rigors of the program and the busy schedules and demands facing the students in such a program. Because all the students in the program have significant managerial experience, students learn a great deal from each other.

The quality of the faculty and academic programs in the College of Business is attested to by the undergraduate and graduate accreditation of both the business administration and accountancy programs by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Of approximately 1,200 collegiate business programs in the U.S., only about 100 have achieved the four levels of accreditation earned by Northern Illinois University.

How will an MBA impact your career?
An MBA degree reflects a sophisticated level of knowledge and skills concerning a wide range of contemporary management topics. It also implies a well developed understanding of strategic thinking and planning in a globally competitive world.