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Among Nation's Elite

NIU's MBA program continues to rank among the nation's best by U.S. News & World Report. This is the second consecutive year that NIU's program has made the list. rankings >

MBA Alumni Spotlight

Brad Ortmann (Evening MBA)

  Current Position: Finance Manager - Global Operations
  Current Industry: Medical Instraments and Supply
  Undergraduate Major: Finance and Management
  Undergraduate University: University of Iowa

Why did you choose the Evening MBA format?

It gave me the flexibility to work full time and get my MBA. It also provided me the in class time to go in depth with the subject matter and apply that knowledge to my job.

How did the MBA program change you as a person and/or a professional ?

I feel the program helped me use the business school subject matter to develop and reach my personal goals. I also feel I was able to make strong connections with other professionals and directly apply the lessons learned to my job. This improved my confidence and decision making ability in the office.

What advice would you give to an aspiring MBA student?

It is great to have the MBA title but I recommend taking the time inside and outside of class to master the lessons. You will get the most value when you apply that understanding to your personal and professional life.

What are your current interests and hobbies?

My primary hobby, when the weather cooperates, is golf and in the winter I join an indoor volleyball league. I also like to explore the city, traveling, biking, football and reading.

What blogs, magazines or newspapers do you read to stay up-to-date?

I generally read the Wall Street Journal as my main source of news. I also look at various phone apps such as ESPN, USA Today and Drudge Report when I'm looking for something more current.