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GMAT Test Prep Overview

The College of Business GMAT Test Prep covers:

  • Discrete Quantitative. This part of the course not only reviews the math you'll need to know, but familiarizes you with the question types you'll face on test day. You'll also learn time-saving strategies that will let you answer questions with confidence.
  • Data Sufficiency. Considered by many to be the most difficult part of the GMAT, data sufficiency tests your logical skills as well as your math ability. Learn the most valuable strategies for tackling these challenging questions and be ready with a solid plan for success.
  • Reading Comprehension. Discover what you need to know about the six types of questions that make up this part of the GMAT, as well as techniques for quickly dissecting reading comprehension passages.
  • Critical Reasoning. These questions test your ability to think logically. In this session, you'll learn about the most common types of arguments, hidden assumptions, inferences, and conclusions.
  • Sentence Correction. More than a grammar review, this section gives you a valuable procedure for breaking apart sentences and finding the correct answer.
  • Essay. The written part of the exam tests not only your writing ability, but your logical skills. Learn how to quickly generate and organize an essay that will get you the score you need.

GMAT Prep Course Info