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Bachelor of Science in Management

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Management Internships

An Internship in Management is a professional business experience that provides an opportunity for students to gain valuable business experience outside the classroom and may result in full-time employment with the intern employer after graduation. The internship program provides opportunities during any semester: summer, spring, or fall. All Management majors are encouraged to seek out internship opportunities to enhance their education and career options.

Finding an Internship

  1. Visit Victor eRecruiting at www.niu.edu/careerservices/erecruiting/student.shtml to post your resume and search the database for internship opportunities.
  2. Attend the Internship Fairs. See NIUís Career Services Website www.niu.edu/CareerServices for dates and company information.
  3. To review available internship opportunities, contact Sarah Marsh, the Management Internship Coordinator in Barsema Hall 245-B.
  4. Make sure that you read your email. All Management majors will receive emails about the most current announcements about internships from the Management Department and the College of Business. To ensure that the College has your current email address, go to www.cob.niu.edu/mailinglists.
  5. Pursue contacts received through family and friends for their ideas and contacts which may lead to an internship opportunity.
  6. If you find an internship and want College credit, you will need to contact Sarah Marsh, Management Internship Coordinator, for further advisement.

Log into Victor eRecruiting to find out what internships are currently available.

Receiving Credit for an Internship

To receive credit for an internship, it must be approved (see approval process info) by Dr. Sarah Marsh, Management Internship Coordinator. Enrollment in MGMT 458, Internship in Management, has the following required deliverables:

  1. Submission of a weekly diary outlining what you did each day in the internship and what you learned. This diary will assist you greatly when you write the required paper (requirements below) at the end of your internship.
  2. You must submit a written report of five-pages (double-spaced) in length which includes the following information:
    • A weekly summary of the duties and responsibilities you were given and what you learned from these assignments.
    • How you were able to apply what you learned in the classroom to the job.
    • A summary of at least five responsibilities or situations that you found most valuable in preparing you for work upon graduation.
    • Summarize the functions of the job that you liked most and least.
    • Assuming the role of management consultant for your company or organization, offer two or three specific recommendations for improving performance. Explain and justify your recommendations.
  3. Grades will be issued on a Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory basis.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Sarah Marsh in the Management Department at 1(815) 753-6211 or the Management Office at 1(815) 753-1124.