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How do I declare a major in marketing?

Students must declare a major by completing a "Major Request" form in the College of Business Undergraduate Studies Office, Barsema Hall 201. When you apply to NIU, you are asked your "intended" major. This is NOT the same as declaring your major. If you are not sure that you completed a major request form, ask you academic advisor.

Do you offer a minor in marketing?

Yes, a minor in marketing is offered to students across campus (of all majors) to enhance their skills in preparation for entry-level career opportunities. Click for details.

What jobs can I get with a marketing degree?

Graduates with a degree in marketing have careers in advertising, interactive marketing, marketing research, product/brand management, public relations, retailing, sales, or sales promotion. Students are strongly advised to take courses in their interested area of study, become active in a professional student organization, and participate in at least one internship. Entry-level positions for NIU marketing graduates are sales, interactive marketing, marketing research, and retailing management. Visit www.cob.niu.edu/mktg/careers.asp for additional career information.

Are scholarships available to marketing majors?

The Department of Marketing awards scholarships and monetary awards to upper-level marketing majors every spring semester. Students must be declared marketing majors, successfully completed UBUS 310, and have a minimum 2.75 Cum GPA. Interested students must meet all of the eligibility requirements and submit articles of criteria by the due date of February 1 to the Department of Marketing. Visit www.cob.niu.edu/mktg/scholarships.asp for more information.

Who is my academic advisor?

If you are a freshman or sophomore, your academic advisors are located in the College of Business Undergraduate Studies Office, Barsema Hall 201.

If you are a junior or senior who is enrolled in UBUS 310 or have completed UBUS 310, your academic advisor is Emily Cronauer located in the Department of Marketing, Barsema Hall 128.

When do I need to make an appointment to see my academic advisor?

You should meet with your academic advisor every semester to make sure you are meeting graduation requirements. The best time to schedule an appointment is early in the semester to avoid the bottle neck during registration. Check with the Department of Marketing front desk to schedule an appointment with Emily Cronauer.

What courses are required?

All business majors are required to take the same business core courses. Marketing majors are also required to take:

  • MGMT 346 Business Communication
  • OMIS 351 Information systems in Organizations
  • MKTG 325 Buyer Behavior
  • MKTG 350 Principles of Selling
  • MKTG 443 Marketing Research
  • MKTG 495 Marketing Strategy
  • MGMT 468 Strategic Management
  • and 9-12 hours of marketing electives.
  • Semester Curriculum: www.cob.niu.edu/mktg/suggestedschedule.asp

What are the specialized areas of study in marketing?

Professional Sales Area of Study:

Offers a comprehensive program matched only by two other universities nationwide. Students completing the sales track curriculum also earn a Certificate in Sales. Course requirements:

  • MKTG 350 Principles of Selling
  • MKTG 446 Sales Management
  • MKTG 450 Advanced Professional Selling
  • MKTG 345 Business-to-Business Selling
  • MKTG 458 Internship in Marketing (optional)

Interactive Marketing Area of Study:

This is one of the fastest growing aspects of Marketing today and is supported by the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing Educational Foundation. Graduates with an Interactive Marketing area of study are in demand in direct marketing service bureaus, direct mail production houses, advertising agencies, and corporations using direct marketing.

Course requirements:

  • MKTG 355 Direct Marketing
  • MKTG 370 Internet Marketing

Two of the following:

  • MKTG 348 Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MKTG 455 Database Marketing Management
  • MKTG 470 Interactive Marketing Technology

What are marketing electives, and how many do I need?

Marketing electives are 300- and 400-level marketing courses that are not required. Marketing electives are three (3) credit hour courses with the exception of MKTG 395. Students must take 9-12 credit hours of marketing electives. They include:

  • MKTG 348 Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MKTG 355 Direct Marketing
  • MKTG 364 Product Planning & Development
  • MKTG 365 Principles of Retailing
  • MKTG 367 Principles of Global Marketing
  • MKTG 370 Internet Marketing
  • MKTG 395 Career Marketing (1 credit hour)
  • MKTG 425 Services Marketing
  • MKTG 435 Business-to-Business Selling
  • MKTG 446 Sales Management
  • MKTG 450 Advanced Professional Selling (permit required)
  • MKTG 455 Database Marketing Management
  • MKTG 467 International Business
  • MKTG 470 Interactive Marketing Technology
  • MKTG 490 Current Topics in Marketing (permit required)
  • MKTG 491 Independent Study (permit required)

Where can I find course descriptions?

Catalog course descriptions may be found online.

What is the portfolio?

All graduating marketing majors are required to complete a student portfolio consisting of examples of marketing course work. To learn more about portfolio assignments and instructions, visit: www.cob.niu.edu/mktgPortfolio/.

When do I submit a portfolio?

Graduating seniors submit their portfolios during the last two weeks (prior to final exam week) of their final semester in marketing courses.

How do I register for classes?

Log onto MyNIU by going to myniu.niu.edu , use your zID and password. Click on "Enrollment" on the left toolbar.

When do I register for classes?

Log onto MyNIU, click on "Enrollment" on the left toolbar, then click on "Enrollment Dates" to find out which day your appointment is to begin registering for classes.

How do I enroll in permit courses?

Obtain a permit number from your advisor or course instructor.

If a class is closed, can I ask the teacher permission to take it?

If a class is closed contact the Department of Marketing advisor; marketing faculty will refer you to the advisor since they are not able to enroll students or change class limits.

How do I find course offerings?

Choose the "Search for Classes" option on MyNIU and then click "Search."

How do I know if I meet all graduation requirements?

Online university graduation requirements: www.cob.niu.edu/advising/corerequirements.shtml It is important that you meet with your academic advisor should you have any questions. Your individual academic progress report is also available through MyNIU using the Self Service link and then selecting the "Degree Progress/Graduation" option.

When and how do I apply for graduation?

You may apply for graduation through MyNIU using the Self Service link and then selecting the "Degree Progress/Graduation" option.

  • For May graduation: December 1
  • For August graduation: May 1
  • For December graduation: July 1

How do I obtain an internship?

Internship opportunities are emailed to students when they become available. Visit the Marketing internship web page. NIU Career Services also houses internship positions on their website, www.niu.edu/CareerServices, and they offer the NIU Internship Fair every fall and spring semester. Students who are interested in receiving academic credit for their internship must meet with Emily Cronauer, Academic Advisor and Internship Coordinator. Students must have completed UBUS 310 to be eligible.