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  • Board of Trustees Professor of Finance Quoted in WSJ on Gridlock and Presidential Elections
    (WSJ, October 22, 2012) In its story "The Winner of the Election Is," the Wall Street Journal quotes NIU's 2011 Board of Trustees Professor of Finance Gerald Jensen about his research findings on the relationship between Presidential elections, gridlock, and financial markets. The media continues to seek Jensen's expertise throughout the Presidential election campaign cycle, with the Washington Post, Omaha World Herald, "newsmax.com/streettalk," Business News Daily among other media outlets to include Jensen's research findings. read article...

  • Media story on investments and Presidential elections includes research from NIU Finance Professor
    (Washington Post, October 3, 2012) A Washington Post story discussed the effect of Presidential elections on portfolio returns. Entitled "A Vote for Your Portfolio," the story includes research that was co-conducted by NIU's 2011 Board of Trustees Professor of Finance Gerald Jensen. Jensen's research goes beyond who runs the White House and also evaulates the effect of political gridlock and the Fed's monetary policies. Jensen's co-authors are Scott Beyer, Luis Garcia-Feijoo, and Robert Johnson. more...

  • WSJ Tax Report includes expertise of NIU's Chair of Accountancy (Wall Street Journal, August 17, 2012)
    The Wall Street Journal interviewed Jim Young, Accountancy Chair and Crowe Horwath Professor of Accounting, for his expertise in taxes. Each year, Young is sought out by the media to share his knowledge on the annual gift exclusion tax benefit. Young indicated that this particular tax benefit most likely will be adjusted for inflation in the upcoming year. more...

  • WGN Radio features the Dean and Career Compass
    (May 2012)
    The "Career Revival Tour" -a bi-monthly WGN Radio program - featured NIU College of Business Dean Denise Schoenbachler. During her interview, Dean Schoenbachler discussed the college's unique Career Compass initiative, a multi-staged program that helps students select majors aligned with their strengths and career interests.

  • "Standing Vigilant" - CPA Review director weighs in on checkpoints in the banking industry
    (Bank Director magazine, 2nd Quarter 2012)
    In a recent Bank Director article, CPA Review Director Debra Hopkins evaluates best practices in the financial oversight of banking institutions. The article - "Standing Vigilant" - explores various approaches, including the inclusion of financial experts on a bank's audit committee. The article also discusses the pros and cons of committee operating styles - management versus supervisory - as well as the potential impact of those styles on the audit process.

  • "Better Together" - management professors share insights on workplace dynamics
    (Northwest Herald, May 2012)
    Professors in human resource management and entrepreneurship, respectively, shared their expertise in a Northwest Herald story on business trends regarding spouses who work in the same organization. The article is entitled "Better Together: Spouses Share Lives, Workplaces" and includes views from Department of Management professors Terry Bishop and Lynn Neeley.

  • Tribune seeks accountancy professor's expertise on major fraud and embezzlement case (April 2012)
    The Chicago Tribune interviewed PricewaterhouseCoopers Professor of Accountancy David Sinason for his expertise as a Certified Fraud Examiner and for his views on the case of now-former Dixon-Illinois comptroller Rita Crundwell. Crundwell was arrested recently for embezzling more than $30 million from city coffers. On this topic, Sinason continues to be sought out by the media. His previous interviews on this topic include broadcasts from WLPO and NPR-affiliate WNIJ radio, as well as a television interview from WREX Rockford.

  • Ethics Heart of NIU Competition (Daily Chronicle, April 14, 2012)
    NIU's College of Business held its second annual Ethics Case Competition, which took place on April 13th and was sponsored by LEAD, an NIU Business student organization. This year's case focused on a sales representative who was asked to supply a bribe at a contract signing in order to obtain business. The Case Competition required each student team to reference the college's BELIEF Initiative Ethics Handbook and to conduct outside research on the legal, financial and ethical ramifications of the situation before formulating their recommendations. The teams then provided a 10 minute presentation of their analysis and recommendations to a panel of business executives who served as competition judges. This year's Ethics Case Competition included student teams at the college and high school levels, respectively. Congratulations to NIU marketing student Justin Jawor and NIU biochemistry major Glen Svenningsen for winning first place in the college level. Congratulations to Andrew Thomas and Rohan Patel from Geneva Community High School for their first-place win at the high school level. more...

  • WGN Radio features NIU Business faculty members' expertise on the topic of careers (March 24, 2012)
    LMAS leadership director Jeff Carroll explored career development strategies on WGN Radio during its featured program The Career Revival Tour. Associate management professor Jon Briscoe joined Carroll on the broadcast; Briscoe shared findings from his global research on how people face career transitions and how they define career success, particularly in a challenging economy. Co-founded by Carroll and Beth Bratkovic,The Career Revival Tour aims to help professionals define their purpose and recharge their passions. The Career Revival Tour is featured twice-monthly throughout 2012 on WGN Radio.

  • Using the Executive's Own Values in Development (Daily Herald, March 2012)
    An Op-Ed by associate management professor Jon Briscoe explores various trends in executive development. Based on his expertise and research in leadership, Briscoe shares findings that indicate companies have moved away from a "psychological contract" with their employees (in which loyalty is rewarded) to what is now the more commonly found "performance-based contract" (or pay for performance). Briscoe's research also points to the emerging trend of "values-based contract"...one in which both the organization and the employee are committed to a common approach to work. more...

  • NPR podcast features the expertise of assistant marketing professor on sonic branding (March 2012)
    Assistant marketing professor Vijaykumar Krishnan Palghat provided expertise on sonic branding on the NPR program "How to Do Everything." Palghat discussed how the brain works and the foundation of sonic branding, and also gave advice for overcoming "earworms" in response to a listener's question "how do I get a song out of my head?". The NPR program "How To Do Everything" is a weekly podcast that is hosted by Mike Danforth and Ian Chillag of NPR's highly popular program "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me.".

  • Boston Globe includes NIU Business in spotlight on social entrepreneurship (February 2012)
    The Boston Globe reported on the movement in academia to promote social entrepreneurial enterprise. Three schools/programs in particular were listed in the piece: NIU Business and its Social Venture Business Plan Competition, Harvard and its President's Challenge, and MIT and its Entrepreneurship Competition. read the article...

  • Facebook and future job success (February 2012)
    Research co-conducted by Don Kluemper, assistant management professor, found that a brief evaluation of a Facebook page can reveal strong clues about a job candidate's character, personality, and future job performance. Soon to be published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Kluemper's study reviewed the personality traits displayed on a Facebook page as if they were being assessed by a standardized HR test. Some indicators that came out of the research include, among others, a relationship between: the extensiveness of personal information posted and the ability to get along well with others; and, the variety of books, quotations, or new activities posted and intellectual curiosity and creativity. Kluemper's research was featured initially in the Chicago Tribune story "Facebook and Job Performance...a new study finds social networking site profile pages can be an indicator of future job success." Other major media outlets ran the story, including most notably: the Wall Street Journal, Wall Street Journal-Technology, Mashable (a leading authority on social media with 2.7 million followers), Forbes, Huffington Post, PC Magazine, US News, Sydney Morning Herald, San Francisco Examiner, Economic Times, an appearance for Kluemper on the national Fox News channel and coverage on the Today Show.

  • Bosses who exercise have happier employees (February 2012)
    Research co-conducted by James Burton, associate professor of management, indicated that stressed supervisors vent their frustrations on their employees less when bosses get regular, moderate exercise. Burton's co-research project is the first to examine how exercise can buffer the relationship between supervisor stress and employee perceptions of abusive supervision or hostile behavior towards them. His research is published online in Springer's Journal of Business and Psychology. Additionally, several media outlets featured Burton's research and findings. Those media include, among others: UPI, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Times of India, Men's Health Magazine, Medill News, Scientific American, London Telegraph, Toronto Globe and Mail, The Huffington Post, New York Daily News, Discovery.com