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Operations Management & Information Systems Department

Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Service Management

This certificate is designed to provide College of Business students with a set of courses focused on the growing service sector of the economy. Students will be prepared for business careers not only in traditional service industries such as healthcare, airlines, financial services, and sales, but also in other business areas that have become increasingly service-oriented.

Admission to the certificate program is competitive. Students applying for the certificate must be admitted to the College of Business and have completed UBUS 310 with a grade of C or better. Students interested in the certificate should fill out and submit an application to the Department of Operations Management & Information Systems located in Barsema Hall 328. Applications are available in the OM&IS office or online at www.cob.niu.edu/omis/Service Mgmt Certificate.pdf.

A grade of C or above must be earned in all of the certificate courses. Only courses taken at NIU may be applied toward the certificate. The certificate coursework must be completed within a period of four calendar years. Some of the courses may, with the approval of the major department, be applied toward an undergraduate major.

Certificate Requirements (12 hours)

  • OMIS 450, Service Operations (3)
  • MKTG 425, Services Marketing (3)
  • And two of the following:
    • OMIS 452*, Database Management (3) (OMIS 351 is a prerequisite for OMIS 452 )
    • OR MKTG 455, Database Marketing Management
  • OMIS 442, Quality Management (3)
  • OMIS 462, Business Systems Development (3) (OMIS 452 is a prerequisite for OMIS 462)

*Cannot be applied toward the certificate by Operations and Information Management majors

Direct any questions regarding this certificate to Steve Kispert, OM&IS Academic Advisor at Steve Kispert or (815) 753-6372.