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Operations Management & Information Systems Department

SAP Student Recognition Award

By successfully completing a program of study that included a minimum of three courses supported by the SAP University Alliances(UA), the students will be presented with SAP Student Recognition Awards.

Undergraduate Students Requirements (3 of following)

  • OMIS 444 Manufacturing Technology Management
  • OMIS 455 Enterprise Resource Planning
  • OMIS 478 Supply Chain Systems
  • OMIS 485 Current Topics in Operations Management and Information Systems (SAP)

Graduate Students Requirements (all)

  • OMIS 643 Enterprise Process Improvement
  • OMIS 661 Business Intelligence Applications and Tools
  • OMIS 694 Advanced Topics in IS (SAP)

Direct any questions regarding this certificate to Steve Kispert, OM&IS Academic Advisor at Steve Kispert or (815) 753-6372.