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Operations Management & Information Systems Department

OM&IS Junior Checklist

  1. Declare your major early (if necessary) while in UBUS 310. Declared majors have first priority in course registration. Changing your major at the end of a semester may prevent you from getting the courses you need to graduate on time (because of prerequisites or closed classes, etc.).
  2. Once you begin UBUS 310 and start the upper-level major courses, your advising office will change from Undergraduate Studies in Business to the OM&IS Department. The OM&IS advisor, Steve Kispert, is located in Barsema Hall 328A and can be reached at skispert@niu.edu or 815/753-6372.
  3. Set a goal to get career-related experience through an internship. Visit the OM&IS Department Internship webpage, attend the OM&IS Meet the Firm held each September, register on Victor eRecruiting, and read through the COB Career Planner.
  4. Get involved on campus to gain leadership experience. Consider APICS (Association for Operations Management), Association for Information Technology Professionals (AITP), OM&IS Student Advisory Board (SAB), or FUTURE (Coop Student Association).
  5. Apply for scholarships. Applications for OM&IS scholarships are due the end of February. Go to http://www.cob.niu.edu/omis/scholarships.asp to print out an application form. Also check the following NIU scholarship sites: www.scholarships.niu.edu/ScholarshipFinder/; and www.fa.niu.edu/.
  6. Review your Degree Progress Report (DPR) each semester. YOU are responsible for your graduation requirements. If you believe your DPR contains an error, contact Steve Kispert at skispert@niu.edu.