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Bachelor of Science in Operations & Information Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OM&IS?

OM&IS is the acronym for the Department of Operations Management and Information Systems at Northern Illinois University. Its name describes the two programs offered by the department, the undergraduate program in operations and information management and the graduate program in management information systems.

What are the differences between OM&IS and computer science?

In a general sense, the computer science program focuses on the development, organization, and efficiency of computer hardware and software systems whereas the OM&IS programs focus on the application of information technology to the solution of business problems.

Is there a minor in OM&IS ?

Although the department would consider offering a minor in operations and information management for non-majors, the current shortage of instructors and other resources prevents us from doing so.

What kinds of jobs can a person get with an OM&IS degree?

There are immense career opportunities available for new OM&IS graduates. This is due to the nature of the programs which combine a thorough understanding of business resource management with leading-edge information technology. Graduates find rewarding positions in all degree areas in both major and smaller organizations. Most positions involve analytical and/or leadership skills where technology is used to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Can required courses in OM&IS programs be transferred from other universities?

With the approval of the department, it is possible to substitute specific required course work from AACSB-accredited institutions. However, due to the unique integrated nature of the undergraduate program, all majors are strongly encouraged to take the major core on campus. Likewise, all graduate students are strongly encouraged to take the 21-hour required core within the department

What are starting salaries of OM&IS graduates?

The starting salaries for OM&IS undergraduate majors vary by industry and individual company. Most undergraduates, however, find positions within the $38,000-$65,000 range, with an average salary of $46,000. Graduate students generally find higher-salaried positions since many have significant work experience to complement their education.

Besides classes, how does the OM&IS program prepare one for a business career?

The OM&IS department offers a required career planning course for all undergraduate majors. This course exposes the student to career opportunities, job hunting strategies, resume preparation, mock interviewing, and accepted business dining etiquette. Also, there are two active student organizations in the department that provide leadership and teamwork opportunities and which also network extensively with business executives in the northern Illinois area. The department also strongly recommends that students obtain work-related experience through an internship.

Are there student organizations in OM&IS?

The student organizations in the department are the APICS-- Association for Operations Management; Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP); Students in MIS Organization at Northern (SiMON), a social organization for MIS graduate students; and the OM&IS Student Advisory Board (SAB), a council of student advisors to the chair and department regarding departmental policy, programs, courses, and other student-driven initiatives.

Does OM&IS have an honors program? And if so, how can I find out about it?

The OM&IS Honors Program is designed to provide exceptional students an in-depth exploration of topics pertinent to operations management, information systems, logistics, or business quantitative methods. For more information about the OM&IS Honors Program, please contact Dr. Nancy Russo, OM&IS Honors Program Director, (815) 753-6370, nrusso@niu.edu.