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Bachelor of Science in Operations & Information Management

Honors Program

What is the OM&IS Honors Program?

The Honors Program of the Department of Operations Management and Information Systems (OM&IS) is designed to provide exceptional students an opportunity to conduct an in-depth exploration of topics pertinent to operations management, information systems, or business quantitative methods. The program is intended to support the general mission of the University Honors Program with the specific goal of providing students with a deeper understanding of business operations. Click here for Honors Application

What makes the OM&IS Honors Program "Special?"

Similar to the University Honors Program, the OM&IS Honors Program offers students specialized business courses of smaller class sizes taught by outstanding teachers/scholars who care about students. Unlike the University Honors Program, the focus of the OM&IS Honors Program is the exciting disciplines of operations management and information systems, the application of computer and decision systems to the solution of real world business problems. Hence, students may enjoy a collegial atmosphere with personal attention while working toward a fascinating business career. Students may enter the OM&IS Honors Program as freshmen. Upon admission to the OM&IS Honors Program, the student is assigned an honors advisor who serves as mentor and counselor to the student throughout his or her college career.

What are the admission requirements of the OM&IS Honors Program?

The minimum requirements for freshmen to be admitted to the program include graduation in the top 10 percent of the student's high school class and a minimum composite ACT score of 27 or SAT score of 1220. Students may also apply to the program after their freshman year. The minimum requirement for transfers or native students beyond the freshman year is an overall GPA of at least 3.20 on a 4.00 scale. Admission to the University Honors Program is not a requirement for admission to the OM&IS Honors Program.

What are the expectations of OM&IS Honors students?

Once admitted to the program, the student must maintain a minimum cumulative university GPA of 3.20 and a cumulative GPA of 3.20 or higher in departmental course work to remain in good standing in the OM&IS Honors Program. Should the student's GPA fall below these minimum requirements, the student has one additional semester to achieve these standards to remain in the program. Also, the student must formally declare a major in Operations and Information Management to be eligible for the OM&IS Honors Program.

What is a senior honors thesis?

All OM&IS Honors students are expected to successfully complete a senior honors thesis. This project entails an in-depth exploration of a relevant issue in operations management or information systems. The thesis topic must be approved by a faculty advisor. For students who are attempting University Honors, the thesis may be completed in concurrence with the University Honors Capstone project.

What are the requirements for graduating with honors in Operations and Information Management?

  1. be a declared major in operations and information management;
  2. maintain at least a 3.20 cumulative university GPA and a 3.20 cumulative GPA in departmental course work;
  3. earn at least 12 semester hours of business honors courses;
  4. complete OMIS 495H, Independent Study in Operations Management, as a senior honors thesis.

What is the admission procedure for the OM&IS Honors Program?

A student wishing to enroll in the OM&IS Honors Program must complete an application for admission and submit it to the Department of Operations Management and Information Systems office located in Barsema Hall 328. Admission forms are available at either the OM&IS department office, or online . Prospective honors students will be Contacted by the OM&IS Department.

Additional Information

Additional information regarding the OM&IS Honors Program can be obtained by contacting:

Steve Kispert, OM&IS Academic Advisor
Office: (815) 753-6372
Email: skispert@niu.edu
FAX: (815) 753-7460

The OM&IS Honors Program provides a unique educational experience for talented students preparing for rewarding careers in some of the most significant and exciting areas of business.