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Master of Science in Management Information Systems

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Program Curriculum

The program addresses the themes of leadership, globalization of business, business ethics, and organizational communications, along with the advanced study of management information systems. The program consists of two phases. Phase One is designed to address deficiencies in undergraduate course work considered to be prerequisite for the Phase Two (30 semester hours) graduate course work. In addition to the Phase One core requirements, proficiency in a business computing language, typically COBOL or C, is required. Students with significant undergraduate coursework in business may be waived from some, or all, of the Phase One requirements. Exemption exams are also available to waive Phase One requirements. There is no charge for the exam, however, a student may only attempt each exam once.

The graduate program, offered by the Department of Operations Management and Information Systems, consists of 10 Phase Two courses, seven of which are required of all majors and three of which consist of elective courses selected by the student with the approval of the academic program coordinator. Whereas the required courses ensure an in-depth exposure to important management information systems issues and technology, the elective courses enable the student to survey related areas or to focus in a particular area of his or her choice.

Phase II - Required Courses (21 credit hours)

  • OMIS 640 Management of Information Systems Technology (3)
  • OMIS 643 Enterprise Process Improvement (3)
  • OMIS 651 Business Systems Analysis and Design (3)
  • OMIS 652 Business Applications of Database Management Systems (3)
  • OMIS 660 Business Telecommunications (3)
  • OMIS 675 Technologies and Applications of Electronic Business (3)
  • OMIS 690 Information Technology Project Management (3)

Electives (9 credit hours)

To be selected from the following courses or from among relevant graduate offerings elsewhere in the university with approval of the academic program coordinator.

  • OMIS 605 Independent Study in Information Systems (3)
  • OMIS 621 Computer Simulation in Business (3)
  • OMIS 624 Expert Systems in Business (3)
  • OMIS 661 Business Decision Technologies (3)
  • OMIS 679 Business Geographics (3)
  • OMIS 628 Advanced Business Networking (3)
  • OMIS 694 Advanced Topics in Information Systems (3)
  • OMIS 695 Internship in Management Information Systems (3)
  • OMIS 698 Projects in Management Information Systems (3)

Phase I Courses

  • ACCY 505 - Financial Accounting Concepts
  • FINA 500 - Survey of Business Economics
  • FINA 505 - Fundamentals of Financial Management
  • MGMT 505 - Principles of Management
  • MGMT 511 - Legal Aspects of Business
  • MKTG 505 - Graduate Survey in Marketing
  • OMIS 505 - Principles of Operations Management
  • OMIS 507 - Business Information Systems
  • OMIS 524 - Business Statistics

All 500 level courses are 2 credit hours each.

A one time exemption exam is offered through the University Testing Center in Adams Hall for each 500 level course at no charge.

All 200-300 level courses are offered at NIU-DeKalb as undergraduate credit hours.