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OM&IS Meet the Firm Night

History of Meet the Firm Night

On September 30, 1997, the OM&IS Department held the first of its annual OM&IS Career Expos (now called "Meet the Firm"). Meet the Firm Night has been, and continues to be, a venue where our students can acquaint themselves with companies who hire from our program and with those companies who are just finding out about the talents and ambitions of our graduates. The OM&IS Meet the Firm is an excellent opportunity for you to display materials about your company and to talk with students interested in operations, logistics, and information systems in addition to our faculty.

Unlike a traditional "job fair," the OM&IS Meet the Firm is a forum for communication between you and our students and faculty. We want to educate current and potential OM&IS majors on the career opportunities available in a wide range of industries and firms and for company representatives to meet our students as well as our faculty. Not all companies attending the Meet the Firm have immediate openings. Just because a company may not have openings now doesn't mean they won't be seeking candidates in the future. However, many companies attend our event for the purpose of finding candidates for both internships and permanent positions.

All of our majors will be strongly encouraged to attend the OM&IS Meet the Firm with resumes in hand. Our seniors and some juniors will have taken our "job search"course prior to our Meet the Firm. Others, however, will not yet have done so. We do our best to prepare them via meetings and one-on-one encounters prior to this event. We have found that our Meet the Firm is the first encounter talking with company representatives for many of our students. Historically, company representatives have enjoyed meeting our younger majors, and those students have benefited from the experience.

After attending the Meet the Firm, we have found that students, freshmen through seniors, have a clearer picture of the many avenues open to them with a degree in Operations and Information Management as well as a good idea of which companies they will target to begin their careers.