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Faculty/Staff Event Submittal FAQ's

In order for the Business Passport Program to be successful, we encourage and invite faculty and staff to propose activities and events for Passport continent fulfillment.

I have an event I believe qualifies for more than one continent for Business Passport - what do I do?
We ask that each event or activity only count for one continent.

Where can I get better definitions of the continents?
For useful examples - please visit www.cob.niu.edu/passport and select "View All Passport Events" to see what constitutes an event/activity for each of the 7 continents. We rely on faculty and staff to determine the best fit for activities.

What is the time requirement for an event/activity?
There is no hard and fast time requirement. Some events and activities take place over a semester, while others involve a 60 minute presentation. It is expected that a meaningful presentation to take approx. 60 minutes.

What if my activity is by invite only?
With the Passport software, we are able to add special instructions to each individual activity - for example, "for Mgmt. majors only".

When I submit my activity/event does it automatically upload into the system?
Once you submit an event or activity through the Passport webpage, the Passport Director will contact you regarding activity confirmation and details.

Who is responsible for submitting attendance?
If you are submitting an activity/event to count for Passport - it is up to you to designate a person responsible to take attendance (name and z-id) and submit those names and id's to the Passport Director after the event has taken place. In order to make the sign-in process smoother for larger events, Passport has card readers and Business Passport Registration signs for you to use at your events . The online submittal form will allow you to request these for your event/activity.

What are the requirements or guidelines for activity submittal?

  1. The event/ activity must be an NIU or COB sanctioned event.
  2. Someone must be able to take attendance and submit verification (name and z-id's) of attendees.
  3. The event/activity must be related to one of the continents.
  4. Activities in courses required in a degree program are not eligible.

Are card-reader practice session offered?
Yes, that is available and a time can be set up for your convenience.