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Contact Jill Hayes with questions or to set up a one-on-one meeting about the program.


How Does It Work?

The Business Passport is in addition to your undergraduate coursework at Northern Illinois University. Your travels begin with taking UBUS 200 Passport Introduction before OR concurrently with UBUS 310. Your travels will end with a wrap-up class, UBUS 201 Passport Culmination, in the semester you graduate.

Learn About It!

UBUS 200 Passport Introduction is one time, 50 minute introductory workshop to the Business Passport. Here you will gather the necessary information to get you off on the right path towards completing your Business Passport. Your journey will focus on 7 key curriculum continents offered by the College of Business:

  • Business Communications
  • Career Development
  • Ethics
  • Experiential Learning
  • Global
  • Leadership
  • Service

Do it!

Your task: participate in one approved Business Passport event/activity from each of the 7 continents throughout your Sophomore, Junior and Senior years. A complete, approved list of events and activities can be found here. Check them out!

Complete it!

During the semester of your graduation, you will need to register for UBUS 201 Passport Culmination. Here, your Business Passport journey will be reviewed for completion of all 7 continents. Once verified, a co-curricular transcript reflecting your experiences and accomplishments will be created. Your Business Passport will serve as evidence of your journey and your preparation to take on modern business challenges.