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Completion of the Business Passport Program is a requirement for all undergraduate business students. It is the student's responsibility to participate in one approved event or activity from each of the 7 continents - Business Communications, Career Development, Ethics, Experiential Learning, Global Awareness, Leadership, and Service - before graduation. In order to verify attendance, students are responsible for signing in at all Passport approved events and activities. While participating in the program, students will have access to view all approved events and activities, along with having the ability to check their progress towards completion.

Course Information

Both UBUS 200 and 201 courses are 0 credit courses, assessed a fee of $25, and graded S/U. Students are encouraged to enroll in UBUS 200 Passport Introduction their sophomore year, or concurrently with UBUS 310 as a junior. During a student's semester of graduation, students will need to enroll in UBUS 201 Passport Culmination.