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Professional Sales Program

Certified Sales Curriculum

On October 22, 2002, the Northern Illinois University Sales Program was the first university program awarded the distinction of providing a Certified Sales Curriculum by the Professional Society for Sales and Marketing Training (SMT).

The SMT Certification means that NIU's sales program met specific criteria for staff, curriculum, affiliation, and quality. The standard for a university programs are almost identical to those imposed on businesses for best practices in sales education.

This highly successful program has been recognized in several national publications:

  • May 2000, Selling Power magazine, article on "Sales Degrees" identifies Northern Illinois University as one of the leading universities in preparing graduates for sales careers.
  • March 2000, Sales and Marketing: Strategies and News recognized the Northern Illinois University Sales Program for its innovative teaching in "Fore! Golf Takes Off as a Sales Tool."
  • September 1996, Sales and Marketing Management magazine, the Northern Illinois Sales program was listed as one of six schools in "Where to Scout for New Salespeople."