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Professional Sales Program

Professional Sales Curriculum

To qualify for the Certificate in Professional Selling students must take the following four sales specific courses combined with a general marketing curriculum. apply now (March 7th deadline)...

  • Advanced Professional Selling
    The advanced selling course focuses on relationship and consultative selling with emphasis on value-added selling, major account selling, coordination between salespeople and the firm's other functional areas, team selling, negotiating, communication styles, career management, and personal development.

    Each student gives at least four video-taped, role-play presentations, actively uses the laptop (ACT 3.0 and Microsoft Office), works closely with actual salespeople and managers, and does extensive research on an industry and two companies. The class includes many guest speakers, mock interviews, written sales proposals, a computer simulation on major account selling, and a ride-day with a salesperson in the student's field of interest. application for Fall 2014 Marketing 450...

  • Business-To-Business Selling
    Particular emphasis is focused on skills, strategies, resources and nuances related to telephone prospecting and inside selling. Specifically, topics include cold-calling, qualifying prospects, maximizing referrals, developing relationships, closing and maximizing personal resources (ie. time, leads, relationships, technologies, networking opportunities). Integrated throughout the course, students gain hands on experience utilizing a customer relationship management (CRM) application, online networking tools/applications, and online prospect / lead generation portals. By employing an inside sales laboratory in Barsema Hall, students strengthen their knowledge with significant experiences of actively selling a product in the Business to Business environment to the national market.

  • Principles of Selling
    Basic concepts, principles, and techniques for selling are covered including customer analysis, sales openings, effective communications, handling objections, sales closes, improving customer satisfaction, and other related areas. This is a required course for all students majoring in marketing.

  • Sales Management
    Responsibilities and functions of the sales manager are covered, including an evaluation of sales organizational structures, recruiting, selecting, testing, and training of salespeople. Related topics include compensation plans, controlling expenses, sales forecasting, routing, quotas, ethics, and motivation.