Sales Decathlon - NIU - College of Business

Sales Decathlon


Elimination Rounds

The first and second elimination rounds occur March 10-20, 2014 with elements that includes:

  1. Crafting a voice mail message for a prospect
  2. Developing pre-call strategic analysis

The top 40 contestants will move to the third elimination round, April 7-8, 2014 and conduct:

  1. Live gatekeeper call to secure an appointment

The top 20 students will advance to compete in the remote championship round September 18-19, 2014 with:

  1. Technology sales call via Adobe Connect with a customer

The final six events will be held on campus at Northern Illinois University, October 2-4, 2014 and will include:

  1. Constructing an effective post call email follow up
  2. Face-to-face sales call with a customer
  3. Telephone sales call with a customer
  4. Executing an "elevator pitch"
  5. Selling yourself via a reverse job fair
  6. Final Four: Face-to-face sales call with a customer Travel expenses for the 20 finalists and coaches will be reimbursed after the competition. Accommodations, travel, and food at the event will be covered by the Sales Decathlon.


January 31, 2014 
Register using our online application. Competitors must be undergraduates graduating in or after December 2014.

March 10-20, 2014 
Elimination rounds 1 & 2

April 7-8, 2014 
Elimination round 3

May 15, 2014 
Finalists and alternatives will be notified

September 18-19, 2014 
Finals round 4

October 2-4, 2014 
Sales Decathlon finals rounds 5-10 on campus at Northern Illinois University