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Preparing for the Sales Decathlon

In addition to the event-specific information available below, the following links may be helpful as you prepare for the Championship Round.

Using an e-signature solution to save time and money (pdf)
Adobe solutions for fast, easy, and secure electronic signatures (pdf)

EVENT 4: Technology Sales Call via Adobe Connect
(see judging criteria)

EVENT 5: Professional Email tips
(see examples)

  • Choose an appropriate subject line to engage customer.
  • Avoid all spelling errors and use proper grammar.
  • Manage the tone of the email. Make it conversational and professional with no slang, abbreviations, or offensive language.
  • Be concise.

Event 6: Face-to-Face Checklist

  • Dress professional, be organized and relax
  • Do you have a clear precall plan with measurable outcomes?
  • Is your agenda focused on your company or customer's needs? It should be your customer!
  • What objections do you anticipate and can you respond immediately during the call?
  • Assess the customer's body language and modify your approach as necessary.
  • Listen more than you talk.

Event 7: Telephone Call

  • Grab Attention in 15 Seconds or Less: you only have one chance to be engaging and useful, rehearse it.
  • Create Excitement and Use Emotion: use energy in your tone and truly believe your solution will benefit the customer.
  • Don't Take 'No" for an Answer: most will routinely say "not interested", so ask open-ended questions to jump-start the conversation.
  • Provide Value: offer value (expertise, samples, trial period) regardless if they buy.
  • Progress Each Call: interaction should move closer to concluding the sale process; have specific goals and add value.