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Sales Decathlon 2014 Sales Scenario

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You are an Account Executive for Adobe, working in the EchoSign division. This division sells electronic signature capability to help streamline business processes that require signed documents. You have been there less than one year, and have just been presented a new lead.

The Adobe EchoSign website offers prospects many videos to watch to better understand the offerings. Some of the white papers available require leaving contact information, and this is the source of the lead you just received. Mason Monteleone, VP of Sales from Campton, Inc., just downloaded a whitepaper. The data gathered from the registration states that Campton is located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, has 500 employees, and is inquiring about solutions in the sales area, which has roughly 100 potential users and the email is By checking Campton's website, you know it is a car rental company and have a sales presence mainly in the Midwest and East, but want to expand to the South as well.

Campton, Inc. has been in business 12 years and started outside Detroit as a small town car rental company. Over time, it has grown and expanded geographically (e.g., Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Pittsburg, Philadelphia), and in the number of services offered. The firm sells used cars in 2 locations, which has proven lucrative. Providing firms with fleet cars has been well received in the marketplace too. In short, Campton outfits other firms with company cars, mainly for a customer's sales force.

From internet research, you have deduced that Mason Monteleone has been with Campton for 9 years, graduated from the University of Oregon, earned an MBA at Indiana University, and upon graduation, Campton hired him/her as a sales manager. Working his/her way up the "corporate ladder", Mason became VP of Sales 2 years ago of this $30million dollar firm. From market experience you know the other players who are generally included in this type of decision include the CFO (Alex Young) who generally hold the purse strings at this level, Legal Counsel (William "Wild Bill" Franklin) who is always concerned with exposure and binding authority of digitally signed agreements, CIOs (Sam Zerbe) tend to be obsessed with security (for good reason), and often times a successful sales representative (Pat Thompson) or client service manager (Manny Echeverri) in the trenches.

You have traveled enough yourself, and had to secure rental cars after fender benders, to realize the amount of paperwork involved in this customer transaction. There are several forms that need signing, in multiple places, for everything from insurance to gas to additional services, and this is only for a rental situation. Similar complexities exist when offering fleet contracts or the outright purchase of a car. Hence, you know you can probably help with reducing print costs, expedited contract shipping, the time it takes to collect signatures, the storage of all these documents, the uniformity of the contracts Campton writes, etc.

Competitors are always finding ways to improve efficiencies and the customer experience; you know you can help Campton in this regard. Thus, you are following up with Mason Monteleone, VP of Sales, to see how Adobe EchoSign can help the firm's sales process.

Disclaimer: The prospect profile is fictitious, any resemblance to real firms/individual is merely coincidence. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.