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Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

Inspire Excellence...
Develop Leaders...

Mission Statement

Create innovative academic and business experiences through partnerships among students, faculty, staff, alumni and the business community. Approved by College Curriculum Committee March 8, 2011.

Strategic Objectives

  • Recruit quality undergraduate and graduate students, primarily from the Midwest, and support their development towards achieving career success in the global business environment.
  • Prepare a foundation for individuals to engage in life-long learning and achievement in a rapidly changing, increasingly diverse society.
  • Deliver high quality, dynamic, and innovative curricula that is technologically at the forefront.
  • Promote high quality research with primary emphasis on discipline-based scholarship and contributions to practice and a secondary emphasis on learning and pedagogical research.
  • Recruit, support, and retain high quality faculty and staff to achieve a balance in teaching and research excellence.
  • Build internal and external partnerships to create mutual value.

Core Values

All NIU College of Business members and participants strive to uphold the principle of "Honesty and Fair Dealings" in everything we do.

  1. We believe the learner is the beneficiary of our activities.
  2. We respond to the needs of learners, faculty, and staff, respecting the dignity of each individual.
  3. We honor our commitments in an ethical and professional manner.

Assurance of Learning Goals

Learning goals are broad statements that describe what we want our graduates to be or have. Learning objectives describe what our graduates will know or be able to do, in more specific, measurable terms. learn more...

  • Our graduates will be effective business communicators.
  • Our graduates will demonstrate business ethical awareness.
  • Our graduates will demonstrate problem solving skills.
  • Our graduates will demonstrate common business knowledge.