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Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Council (SPC)

The Strategic Planning Council (SPC) is a venue through which College stakeholders help the organization to lead change and includes representation from:

  • Learners - Undergraduate and/or Graduate programs
  • Business professionals - Alumni and non-alumni from a variety of companies and industries
  • Faculty - Tenured, Tenure-Track and/or Instructors from across the departments
  • Staff - Operating and Supportive Professional classifications from across departments/units, and
  • Administrators - College and select administrative offices of the university as a whole. (Typically, an administrator from the Provost's Office will hold membership on the SPC to ensure that the university at-large is engaged in the College's strategic planning activities.)

Together, these constituents - through the Strategic Planning Council at-large and its action teams - collaborate to design, recommend, execute, and renew the College's vision, priorities, and goals. The SPC Flowchart graphically depicts the process by which strategic initiatives make their way through the College's organizational structure.

Revised in 2009, the SPC Bylaws detail the Council's mission, organization, and structure.

SPC Mission

The SPC is an on-going body with diverse and broad-based membership. SPC members are volunteers who facilitate the design, advancement, and renewal of the College's strategic plan in order to continually help the organization to lead change.