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Professional Sales International Studies

The Department of Marketing's Professional Sales Program has led all other academic sales programs in the country in at least two ways. It is the first collegiate program ever accredited by the Professional Society for Sales and Marketing Training, putting the quality of the NIU sales curriculum and instruction on par with training provided by leading professional sales units. It is also the first academic sales program to engage in long-term exchange programs specific to the study of sales in the global environment.

Since 2000, the NIU Professional Sales Program has conducted student exchanges with the Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland and then, in 2006, the University of Applied Sciences in Austria. NIU students and faculty travel overseas in the winter, with students from Austria and Ireland traveling to NIU in May of each year to join with NIU students. The program includes on-site visits to firms, such as Abbott, Hilti, AOL, Eircomm in Dublin; Murphy Brewery in Cork; CareerBuilder, Experian, and Motorola in the U.S. To date, approximately 150 students have participated in this program, and all participating students earn academic credit.

In 2008, the program was expanded to include a visiting professor from Austria who, for a week, will teach in the college's sales program. Each year, another overseas sales faculty will participate in educating NIU sales students.