Tim Michaelis
Assistant Professor




  • Ph.D., Applied Social Psychology, North Carolina State University


Tim Michaelis is an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at Northern Illinois University College of Business. He received his undergraduate degree at NC State University, his master’s in innovation management at NC State University and IAE-Graduate School of Management in France, and his doctorate in applied social psychology at NC State University.

Tim focuses primarily on developing original research around the topics of resourcefulness and the efficient (i.e., frugal) use of resources in entrepreneurial ventures. Overall, this work is to help increase the survival rates and performance of startups and corporate spinoffs. Additional research interests include, (a) developing a clinical model for entrepreneurship teaching, research, and practice, (b) advancing quantitative methodologies in management research, (c) self-regulation and regulatory focus in entrepreneurial decision making, and (d) the role of physical and mental health in association with new venture creation.

Tim’s research has been published in Journal of Business Venturing Insights, Research-Technology Management, Entrepreneurship Education & Pedagogy, and his teaching portfolio includes undergraduate and graduate courses in the following topics: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Business Processes, Finance and Accounting for Entrepreneurs, Strategy, Business Opportunity Analysis and Planning, Introduction to R programming, Applied Research Methods (graduate only).

Teaching Areas

Tim maintains an active research program in entrepreneurship that focuses on:

  • Frugality, resourceful behavior, and decision making during new venture creation.
  • The underlying psychological and environmental predictors of entrepreneurial behavior.
  • Construct validation, process models, and experimental design.

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Tim Michaelis


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