Accountancy Alumni Awards

Outstanding Accountancy Alumni

The Department of Accountancy's many efforts and achievements are supported by our alumni. A process of recognizing our department's outstanding alums was started in 1983. Selection was based on:

  • Their many professional achievements, and
  • Their continued support for our department through sustained efforts to recruit our students; making presentations to our student organizations and classes; advising the department in designing new and innovative curriculum; providing financial support for scholarships, professorships and other needs; and representing our Department of Accountancy within their firms and in their professional efforts.

2020 Awardees

Joan Bottarini, CFO, Hyatt Hotels Corp.

Bob Gallagher, CFO, Oasis Financial

Ryan Hayman, Senior VP of HR Transformation, HSBC

Keith Schoenfeld, Managing Partner, Mowery & Schoenfeld

Previous Winners
Year Name
2019 John Stomper
Dave Eisner
Maureen McBeth
2018 Stephen Ferrara
Terry Jimenez
Allison Lausas
Matthew Ward
2017 John L. Shigley
Robert E. Stoettner
2016 Ian T. Nelson
Seema Pajula
Jeremy Smeltser
2015 Jeffrey A. Eckmann
Julie Figueras
Robert A. Peterson
Joseph L. Wisniewski
2014 John Hepp
John H. Kemnitz
William M. LeRoy
Marc L. Werner
Elizabeth J. Young
2013 Kevin W. Cleary
Melvin L. Flowers
Joseph M. Steger
John F. Wonak
2012 Patrick J. Burke
Erica O'Malley
Matthew A. Sapp
Richard A. Thompson
2011 Michael R. Brown
Joseph A. DeSplinter
Adam S. Regelbrugge
2010 Stephen T. Hajdukovic
Christine M. Cole
Russell P. Smyth
David J. Templin
2009 Greg Bergmann
Lance Smith
Ralph Wiechert
2008 Ronald D. Kropp
Jeffrey N. Markert
Jay Oprins
2007 Dean Stieber
Sally Webber
Steve Young
2006 Michael R. Brown
Joseph A. DeSplinter
Adam S. Regelbrugge
2005 Howard Blumstein
Gary L. Burge
Michael D. Giese
2004 Donald M. Coglianese
Monica Sabo
2003 Ernest Iannotta
Michael G. Strachan
2002 Ronald A. Ballschmiede
John R. Owings
2001 Craig Funkhouser
James A. Hendricks
Michael S. Joseph
2000 Robert T. Singleton, Jr.
William E. Tayler
1999 Michael A. Cullen
David L. Holman
1998 David J. Fatina
Gary Lee Longman
1997 Kenneth B. Louderback
James R. White
1996 Robert Der
Laurence P. Wagener
1995 Thomas G. Merritt
1994 Patrick (Rick) Disney
Robert C. Johnson
1993 Herb Eldean
Roger R. Nelson
1992 Dean T. DuCray
Sharon M. Peterson
1991 Ronald L. Merriman
Charles L. Wallace
1990 Kenneth W. Banet
William Cernugel
1989 Peter Jokiel
Mural (Joe) J. Josephson
1988 Gaylen N. Larson
1987 Eileen P. Scudder
1986 Gerald J. Kuhn
1985 Lloyd A. Byerhof
1984 Dennis R. Mogenson

Honorary Alumnus

In 2008, a Honorary Alumn Award was added in order to recognize individuals who have had a significant impact on the Department of Accountancy with their time and/or support, as well as a successful professional career.

Previous Winners
Year Name
2019 Tony Fuller
2017 Don Wagner
2016 Dorice Pepin
2015 James R. Thomas
2014 Barry L. Shaw
2013 Kapila K. Anand
2012 Patrick R. Delaney
John R. Simon
2011 Harry Wright
2010 John H. Engstrom
Richard J. Anderson
2009 Donald Kieso
George Krull
Rawley Thomas

Young Alumna

In addition to the Outstanding Accountancy Alumni, the department also has a Young Alum Award. In 1995, a Young Alum Award was added in order to recognize recent alumni who are achieving professional successes, and who are providing essential support for many activities of our department.

2020 Awardee

Mary Vernon, Ph.D. student at Wisconsin, Deloitte Foundation 2019 Doctoral Fellowship in Accounting

Previous Winners
Year Name
2019 Daihee Cho
2018 Michael Cahill
2017 Somya R. Munjal
2013 Aaron D. Forsberg
2011 Ryan J. Hayman
2007 Robert V. McGann
2006 Matthew E. Garling
2005 Julie B. Sassano
2004 James F. Wong
2003 Jeffrey J. Johnson
2002 Lance J. Smith
2000 Mark A. Kramer
1999 Julie Hansberry
1998 Jody Lyn Taylor
1996 Lorrie Zogg-Stork

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