Faculty and Staff

Our accountancy faculty members are known for their excellence in teaching, research and public service. They all have terminal degrees in their fields and one or more professional certificates. Many have received teaching awards and national recognition.

Name Title Phone Office Email
Berg, Margaret Office Manager and Assistant to the Chair 815-753-6095 BH 345C margberg@niu.edu
Blanc, Steve Instructor 815-753-6200 BH 345F sblanc@niu.edu
Cefaratti, Meghann Grant Thornton Professor of Accountancy 815-753-6382 BH 345L mcefaratti@niu.edu
Churyk, Natalie William F. Doyle Endowed Professor of Accountancy 815-753-6210 BH 228H nchuryk@niu.edu
Cripe, Brad Assistant Chair, Gaylen and Joanne Larson Professor of Accountancy 815-753-6202 BH 228C bcripe@niu.edu
Devona, Sandy Instructor 815-753-6206 BH 228D sdevona@niu.edu
Dimond, Timothy Instructor 815-753-1669 BH 345J tdimond@niu.edu
Dzuranin, Ann Dean's Distinguished Professor of Analytics in Accounting 815-753-6212 BH 345Q adzuranin@niu.edu
Ellis, Jennifer Director, Professional Development Center 815-753-1591 BH 339B jellis2@niu.edu
Gibbons, Daniel Instructor 815-753-6804 BH 345V dgibbons3@niu.edu
Gilbert, Julitta Instructor 815-753-6369 BH 345Z jgilbert@niu.edu
Grant, Elizabeth Instructor 815-753-6194 BH 345AA egrant@niu.edu
Gray, Angela Academic Advisor 815-753-6251 BH 345A agrimald@niu.edu
Hogan, Mark Instructor 815-753-6236 BH 345M mhogan1@niu.edu
Hux, Candice Assistant Professor 815-753-6471 BH 345E chux@niu.edu
Kispert, Steve Academic Advisor and Assistant to the Chair 815-753-3599 BH 345B skispert@niu.edu
Lee, Chih-Chen William and Dian Taylor Professor of Accountancy 815-753-6205 BH 345K cclee@niu.edu
Mantzke, Kate Donna R. Kieso Professor of Accountancy 815-753-6209 BH 345S kmantzke@niu.edu
Matuszewski, Linda Assistant Chair, Dean and Brenda DuCray Professor of Accountancy 815-753-6379 BH 228E lmatus@niu.edu
Mellon, Mark Assistant Professor 815-753-6606 BH 345T mmellon@niu.edu
Ndicu, Martin Assistant Professor 815-753-6207 BH 345O mndicu@niu.edu
Phelan, Tamara Instructor, Internship Director 815-753-6208 BH 345N tphelan@niu.edu
Pickard, Matt Assistant Professor 815-753-6501 BH 345P mpickard@niu.edu
Riley, Mark Dean and Brenda DuCray Professor of Accountancy 815-753-6204 BH 345G meriley@niu.edu
Ross, Kristina Office Support Associate 815-753-1637 BH 345 kross1@niu.edu
Shortridge, Rebecca Donald E. Kieso Endowed Chair in Accountancy 815-753-1250 BH 345D shortridge@niu.edu
Simon, John Professor Emeritus 815-753-6203 BH 345Y jsimon@niu.edu
Smith, Pam KPMG Endowed Professor of Accountancy, Presidential Teaching Professor 815-753-8673 BH 345U pamsmith@niu.edu
Stuart, Ellen Instructor 815-753-1592 BH 339A estuart@niu.edu
Tidrick, Don Professor, Deloitte Professor 815-753-2200 BH 345X dtidrick@niu.edu
Young, Jim Professor, PricewaterhouseCoopers Professor 815-753-6097 BH 345H jyoung@niu.edu
Youngberg, Suzanne Instructor, MST Advisor 815-753-6099 BH 228G youngberg@niu.edu
Yu, Carol Professor 815-753-1538 BH 345R shaokunyu@niu.edu

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