Accountancy Academic Internship Program

Our Accountancy Academic Internship Program provides you practical work experience in the field of accounting. Our internships:

  • Consist of 10 weeks of full-time, accounting-oriented work
  • Are restricted to upper-division accountancy, M.A.S. and M.A.C. students
  • Are worth three (3) semester hour credits for qualified students
  • Require students to write papers and deliver an oral presentation
  • Are an outstanding introduction to our profession
  • Offer an opportunity for employers to really scrutinize potential full-time employees

Spring 2021 Hiring Calendar



January 11

Semester begins

February 10

Virtual Accountancy Career Fair - read our FAQ

January 11 - April 23

Interviews permitted

Students attending the fair expect that employers have open positions and that employers will be interviewing students in the two-three weeks after the career fair. To arrange for on-campus interviews, contact Jan Wylde at 815-753-8346 or

March 19

Offers must not expire before this date.

All employers who register for the Accountancy Career Fair are assumed to adhere to the Job Offer Policy. In essence, this policy requires that all students have at least two weeks to consider a job offer for an internship or a full-time position. All offers extended during the spring 2021 semester must expire no sooner than March 19, 2021.

April 30

Semester ends

  • Public accounting
    • Auditing
    • Consulting (mergers/acquisitions, organizations/re-organizations, IPOs)
    • Taxation
    • Business advising
  • Corporations/nonprofit organizations
    • Controller
    • Chief financial officer
    • Internal audit
    • Financial reporting/financial management
  • Government agencies
    • U.S. Government Accountability Office
    • IRS
    • State and local government
  • Business consulting/advising
  • Springboard for other careers

Are you an employer seeking to hire an NIU accountancy student for an internship or full-time position?  Can’t wait until the career fair?  We have students available!

To find internship or full-time candidates now, post your job opportunity on Huskies Get Hired. Please contact Tamara Phelan or 815-753-6208, director of the Accountancy Internship Program, if you'd like us to email our students about the job opportunity.

Our internship program continues to be strong! For more information about the Academic Internship Program, contact Tamara Phelan at

Year Spring Summer Fall Total
2010 69 38 2 109
2011 68 28 3 99
2012 57 29 3 89
2013 76 37 3 116
2014 83 34 1 118
2015 64 49 4 117
2016 77 65 0 142
2017 72 69 1 142
2018 79 74 0 153
2019 75 45 3 123

Accountancy Career Fair

The spring Accountancy Career Fair will be held virtually on Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2021. This event is restricted to upper-division accountancy majors, M.A.S., M.A.C. and M.A.C. students.

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Student Ethical Job Search Policy

Resume books are available for registered career fair employers on Huskies Get Hired.

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