A management internship will help develop your professional business skills. Plus, your experience may lead to a full-time position with your internship employer after graduation.

Find Your Internship

  • Visit Huskies Get Hired to post your resume and search for internships
  • Attend internship fairs
  • Check your NIU email for current internship opportunities from the Department of Management and the College of Business
  • Network with contacts through family and friends
  • Contact us at

Explore Micro-Internships

  • Micro-internships are paid short-term projects posted by employers across a wide range of industries. Often, these projects require 5-40 hours of work across one to four weeks, pay $12-$25 per estimated hour and can be completed remotely or on site.
  • Micro-internships are posted on a rolling basis, and can be applied to year-round.
  • Students bid for the jobs by writing a short application, receive valuable feedback via employer evaluations and then are paid a lump sum upon satisfactory completion of the project.
  • Students can learn and hone transferable career skills, explore potential career paths, build meaningful networks with organizations across the country, and get paid. Additionally, employers gain immediate access to a competitive source of talent for short-term projects which can later lead to summer internships and full-time hires.
  • Alumni employers can take this one step further by filtering bidding students by alma mater in order to strengthen mentoring connections.
  • To get started, simply explore opportunities or post a project!

Receive Credit for Your Internship

  • Email to schedule an internship planning session
  • Develop an internship proposal
  • Complete biweekly internship status reports
  • Internship supervisor completes internship evaluation
  • Create an internship portfolio

Financial Support for Unpaid Internships

If you're selected for an unpaid internship in the entrepreneurship or social entrepreneurship sectors, you can receive financial support from the Department of Management.

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